Efficient Toronto insulation services, such as those provided by companies such as EnviroTech Insulation, can help a great deal in keeping your energy bills down; after all, inefficient insulation squanders precious cooling or heating air that end up leaking through cracks or openings in your home. Thus, before you call on the pros for help, check first for every possible air leak and draft, and see if you can seal them yourself. Here are some reliable tips on how to seal up these leaks:

Toronto Insulation Tips for your Home: Root out and Seal Air Leaks

Fixtures and Openings

Your doors and windows are common culprits of air leakage; after all, they can’t be opened or closed without leaving any gap between them and your wall or floor. With these openings, rubber draft guards attached to the ends of the moveable part (such as a door) are installed to keep the air out (or from escaping). Take note that your house has other air entryways, like doggy doors, mail chutes, vents, and don’t forget the holes that are used to slip cables from inside your house into outdoor fixtures.

Leak Tests

A good way to check for leaks that aren’t outright visible is to use your hands and place them along the edges of doors, window frames, or whichever fixture you want to test. Run your hand across every inch of the surface and feel for any draft or cold spots. Another is the candle test, which can be done pretty much the same way as the former, and watch if the fire blows out.


To depressurize your home, first turn off your AC or furnace, and shut all the doors and windows that might let the air in. Then, turn on all your exhaust fans and any other equipment in your home that delivers air from inside to the outdoors. Now light an incense and go around the house – if the smoke gets sucked out, you just might have a leak.


According to DoItYourself.com, here’s how you can solve your air leak problems:

“For smaller seepages, some kind of sealant may do the trick.

Treat leaks through single pane windows by fitting them with storm windows—both inside and out—or replacing them with modern energy-saving models.

Air loss from underneath doors may be solved with a draft guard. Other leaks may require a specific type of treatment. It really depends on where and how big the leak is.”

When your house is reasonably free of air leaks, it’s time to work on home and attic insulation from Toronto professionals. Sealing and insulating your home can now turn your AC and furnace into much more efficient and energy-saving machines.

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