The Arctic air is back in Toronto, Peterborough, and other parts of Canada this winter; and outside temperatures are dipping to as low as the -30s. Hopefully, you have done all the necessary preparations to winterize your Toronto home. If not, make sure to take all the necessary precautions, as the chill is expected to last for a few months more.

Your complete guide to coping with bitter cold temperatures

First, check that your heating system is in very good condition, and have it professionally inspected to ensure that it continues working properly throughout the season. Toronto city officials recommend keeping indoor temperatures at 21 degrees C. It would also be good to install carbon monoxide detectors for added security.

Protect your plumbing with proper pipe insulations, and turn off all outside faucets. Also, if you haven’t done so before the coming of winter, make sure your attic is well insulated. This is very important not only to maintain good indoor temperatures but also to avoid the formation of ice dams.

An improperly insulated attic can create warm spots on the roof, which can lead to the formation of ice dams. Ice dams can be very dangerous, as they can trap rainwater and melting snow, and prevent them from draining to the ground. When too much water has accumulated, the moisture can seep through your roof and weaken it, which can then lead to a roof collapse.

Too much moisture can also result in mould growth, which can present health and property hazards.

If your attic needs insulation, now is the time to call on Peterborough or Toronto insulation contractors. You can detect the absence of proper insulation through cold drafts, and the formation of icicles along your roofline.

You may also need proper insulation in other parts of the house, not only the attic. In particular, insulation outside the walls and on ceilings may be needed to effectively prevent heated air from escaping through wall vents and cracks. Floor insulation might also be necessary.

To find out the kind of insulation your home needs, contact Toronto or Peterborough insulation experts, such as Envirotech Insulation. The pros can make a proper assessment of your home, including the quality and sufficiency of sealing in place, and make their recommendations accordingly.

Keep in mind that good insulation is not only essential in keeping you and your family warm and safe in this round of extreme winter, but also in helping keep your energy consumption down.

(Source: Your complete guide to coping with bitter cold temperatures, The Weather Network, January 13, 2015)

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