Nations around the world are slowly decreasing their usage of power generated from fossil fuels like coal and oil. This is because power plants that use these sources make more carbon emissions, which worsens the current climate change phenomenon. In light of this, a lot of people are calling for a switch towards green energy. However, Financial Post reporters Ross McKitrick and Tom Adams recently reported on a financial downside of this move for consumers:

Ontario’s green energy transformation – initiated a decade ago under then-Premier Dalton McGuinty – is now hitting consumers. The Nov 1 increase for households is the next twist of that screw. As Ontario consumers know all too well, the province has gone from having affordable electricity to having some of the highest and fastest-increasing rates in Canada.

Last year, in a report for the Fraser Institute called “Environmental and Economic Consequences of Ontario’s Green Energy Act,” one of us (McKitrick) explained how the Green Energy Act, passed in 2009, yielded at best tiny environmental benefits that cost at least ten times more than conventional pollution control methods, and was directly harming growth by driving down rates of return in key sectors like manufacturing.

How Green Energy is Fleecing Ontario Electricity
Consumers cannot immediately influence government agencies and its officials to remedy the problem of high electricity cost, although they can take measures that would ensure their households would only consume the amount of power that they need. One such way is to install attic insulation in Toronto homes, which would significantly lessen people’s reliance on HVAC systems that drive up utility bills.

This, however, does not mean that just any kind of insulation will work. People need to exercise due diligence when looking for a reliable Toronto insulation installer. Experienced companies such as Envirotech Insulation are preferable when it comes to important additions like home insulation. Such firms are well-versed with the various types of insulators and carry the necessary equipment to install the most appropriate setups for their clients’ homes. Moreover, these businesses are staffed with qualified individuals who are knowledgeable with the latest insulation technologies.

While there is still no solution to the issue of high energy costs, homeowners should explore the viability of getting insulation for their properties. Insulators such as retrofit and injection cellulose components can be the answers consumers are looking for to bring down their monthly electricity consumption.

(Source: How green energy is fleecing Ontario electricity consumers, Financial Post, October 29, 2014)

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