Nearly every house built in modern times has its own garage, whether it’s integral or a detached facility. The place, however, may be the last one to go in the middle of winter, but what if you need to use it while making sure it’s as warm and comfy as possible? Mike Berger of the men’s website Scout says:


If a man’s home is his castle, then the garage is the ultimate playpen. After all, it’s where we keep our best and most expensive toys – everything from automobiles and motorcycles to woodworking machines and other pricey equipment. But often the garage is more like a dungeon: too hot, too cold or too drafty to comfortably work in (let alone hang out in with our buddies). The good news is that, just like other living spaces, the garage can be insulated to create a comfortable environment in which to work, play, entertain or create.

Toronto residents will certainly have much to think about as winter trudges on. The challenge of getting any vehicles to start in the deep white can be hard enough, let alone get out of the garage. If there are activities to be done in the garage but you feel the cold must be kept out first, seek assistance from Toronto insulation companies like Envirotech Insulation.

Plugging Slits

The most important thing to do when installing insulation is to locate all the air cracks. In a detached garage for example, the door should be checked for poor rubber gaskets or fixed with new weather stripping. You can also identify the areas for potential air leaks by checking all possible gaps and listening in for air drafts, especially when it’s windy outside.

The Main Course

Some insulation experts are keen to use blown-in cellulose insulation for a garage job. Mostly crafted from shredded newspapers, they are designed to cover as many air gaps as possible. Berger says it is effective against convection-based heat transfer with its R-value of three to 3.8; you will, however, still need countermeasures against conduction heat transfers. As some cellulose insulation can be moisture-added, beware that any metallic objects they touch can corrode over time.

A garage can be like a second home if it’s properly insulated enough. Let professionals at garage and attic insulation in Scarborough like Envirotech Insulation work that out with you.

(Source: How To Insulate Your Garage, Scout)

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