In the midst of increasing utility prices, many Canadian households are looking for alternatives to help them save on money without sacrificing the necessary comforts of life. A May 16, 2014 piece on discusses how one great investment can help households save thousands of dollars:

Energy Efficient

“Today’s builders, architects, renovators and other professionals in the home-building industry have a greater understanding about how a lowrise house behaves as a complete system. And they are putting that knowledge to work to build homes that use energy more efficiently, are safer than ever and can save homeowners money on their bills each year.

With more than 100,000 people coming to the GTA every year, the question for newcomers often turns to whether to buy a new or resale home. One of the arguments for buying new is the quality of new construction is constantly improving.

Innovative features and building practices that reduce energy consumption and environmental impact in today’s new homes include pre-fabricated and modular structural elements, insulated concrete forms and energy-recovery systems that use waste energy to heat cold air and water.”

It is true that improvements made in different areas of the home can easily sway a family to pack up and move to better, more energy-efficient dwellings. However, there are reasons why hiring the services of companies that offer insulation in Peterborough and nearby areas in the Greater Toronto Area is the better choice.

The biggest reason for families not to have to move into a new home is the volatile condition of Toronto’s housing market. The city is starting to share Vancouver’s reputation as a place where housing prices spike close to a million dollars. However, the housing market is slowly losing steam, and families looking to save money should not consider investing in a home anytime soon.

This fact should encourage households in the GTA to invest in services that will help them save more on utilities, such as getting their attic insulated. Contacting reliable insulation companies in Toronto like EnviroTech Insulation will help households keep warm without spending excessive energy.

Families looking to save on utilities should not immediately consider buying a more modern house when there are steps they can take to slash those rising costs. A well-insulated home is a great place to start towards making the home more energy-friendly.

(Source: New homes run as energy-efficient systems,, May 16, 2014)

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