Insulating your attic can save you from unnecessary expenses due to high heating charges. But don’t go grabbing your tools and start insulating just yet. After deciding to go for improved attic insulation in Scarborough, the next step would be choosing the right setup that will suit your home perfectly. Having the wrong type of attic insulation might lead to more problems.

batts blown or sprayed

In a blog post for the “Life of an Architect” blog, Bob Borson enumerated the three types of attic insulation:

– Batts – These are large pieces of insulation that hold together because they’re made of long, interweaving fibers with adhesive binders. The two kinds of batts you’re most likely to encounter are fiberglass and cotton.

– Blown – A better choice is insulation that comes in smaller chunks. The installer, taking his best firefighter pose, holds a large hose and blows the chunks into the attic. A large machine outside churns the chunks and uses air to blow them up through the hose.

– Sprayed – The third major type of insulation is spray foam. There are two types of spray foam – open cell and closed cell.

Borson compared these setups and elaborated on their particular advantages. Batts are known to be the cheapest, but they don’t fill the space in your attic. They leave gaps and voids, and thus not ideal for cluttered attics. Cotton batts are made from recycled blue jeans, but both fiberglass and cotton batts insulate in the same manner.

Blown insulation, on the other hand, involves blowing chunks of either fiberglass or cellulose into the attic. Cellulose comes from recycled newspapers while fiberglass comes from sand, both readily accessible sources. Each material has its pros and cons so be sure to consult trusted Toronto insulation companies to help you make a more informed decision.

Sprayed insulation is the most expensive option among these setups. This type of insulation uses spray foam to supplement the heating or air cooling systems found in the attic. If your attic does have an HVAC system installed, then this kind of insulation is for you; otherwise, stick with either batts or blown insulation.

Knowing the various types of insulation available in the market can help you decide what is best suited for your attic. Don’t be afraid to ask help from experts like EnviroTech Insulation to give you more ideas about how to make your home safe and warm.

(Source: Batts, Blown, or Sprayed – What’s the Best Way to Insulate Your Attic?, Life of an Architect)

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