Some people are sensitive to changes in temperature and the weather. Nonetheless, like most, they generally like to be cool during the hot summer and warm in the cold winter. An efficient HVAC system stabilizes the temperature in your home, and as done in most households, insulating the home also provides one of the most effective ways to reduce the overall costs of home heating and cooling.

Home Weatherization Program Helps with Insulation in Peterborough

Insulating the whole house carries a high price tag. However, there are cost-efficient programs like Enbridge’s Home Weatherization Program that provides value for your money. In the company’s website, Enbridge outlines the benefits of taking part in the program:

“There are many reasons to take part in our Home Weatherization Program:

Lower energy bills: Improve the efficiency of your home and you could lower energy use up to 30 per cent.

Increased comfort: Keep your home at a comfortable temperature while reducing monthly energy costs.

Improve home health: Living in drafty conditions can be hard on your health. With the appropriate improvements, you can create a safer, healthier home.

Contribute to a healthier environment: By using less energy, you’re helping to create a cleaner world for everyone.

Increase home resale value: Energy-efficient homes are more attractive to prospective buyers.”

Participating in the program will help low-income families have their homes insulated as expenses will be paid for by the program. For those using this program and looking to improve their insulation in Peterborough without paying extra, there are requirements that need to be met. A household must be a member of one of these programs: Ontario Works, Guaranteed Income Supplement, National Child Benefit Supplement, Allowance for Seniors, Allowance for Survivors, Ontario Disability Support Program, Electric Utility HAP Program, or Healthy Smiles Ontario Child Dental Program. The other option is to have a low enough income bracket to be qualified. The remaining requirements include being an Enbridge customer or that one should live or are renting a home that is at least 30 years old.

When you qualify for the program, an energy adviser will check your home to do an initial inspection. This usually involves checking the attic, the insulation, and the HVAC system. This should give the adviser an idea of the plan you need to save on energy. Afterwards, one of the many well-trained insulation contractors in Toronto, such as Envirotech Insulation, will drop by to do some work on upgrades recommended by the adviser. Finally, a follow-up visit is done to check on these improvements. All of this is done free-of-charge, which is always a great help for any household operating on a tight budget.

(Source: Home Weatherization, Enbridge)